Understanding MNG Performance Programs

What is a TPI Physical Screen?

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) have been at the forefront of the body-swing connection. Understanding that physical limitations have an effect on how we move and therefore how we swing the club. They do not believe in any one method for all, just the method that suits you best. Being a TPI Certified Level 2 golf professional allows me to not only screen you but the knowledge of how to tailor a swing to suit your movement capabilities.

Be assured this screening is not invasive, it generally includes 12 tests that can be carried out in golf clothing and on the range if needed. This quick screen is SO beneficial in you understanding YOUR swing.

What is 3D Movement Analysis?

Utilising 3D motion capture system, I can measure and understand your movement during the swing. Given that a golf swing takes around 1 second from start to impact, there is a lot the eye cannot see and quantify. This is another step in reducing guesswork and using measurements to educate.

Up to 6 sensors will be connected to certain segments via straps or belts. The calibration process takes less than 5 minutes and can also be mobile, allowing me to analyse your movement on the course as well as the range to compare.

What is 3D Ball and Club data?

Many golfers are now familiar with the name Trackman or Foresight Sports and have experienced club and/or club data capture in a club fitting.

Using the Foresight Sports GC2 with HMT technology, we can measure ball data and club data through impact.

This allows you to see how the club is moving through impact and its effect on the ball flight.

Why the regular contact?

How do we improve without reflection and feedback? Coaching for me is much more than the time you spend with me. The weekly CoachNow interactions will give you vital feedback on your progress, opportunity to alter practice habits and validate the effort you are putting in.

The live Zoom calls allow you the opportunity to discuss anything you want to; it gives us regular contact time between sessions to further support your progress.

Why all of this?

This thorough process gives me the best understanding of your ball flight and the reasons why.  Quite simply, the ball moves due to the club, the club moves due to the body’s movement, the body’s movement responds to our intentions (brain function).

In my experience, often golfers only get part of this information and can be left VERY frustrated when effort and money do not bring the progress they are looking for. They then start to seek more information and before long suffer with ‘over thinking’. Our regular connections will help to limit this.

This thorough process allows us to constantly measure, compare and reflect rather than waste time and effort practicing the wrong information. No brainer, right?

Why a minimum commitment?

This not for everyone, trust me! This is for those who TRULY want to achieve their goals, to realise their potential and to attain their goals.

The minimum commitment is your commitment to the process and these programmes detail my commitment to you. We are in this together! Trust me, when I say I get plenty of satisfaction helping golfers reach their goals – it is why I became a coach.

Still unsure? CLICK HERE  to arrange a Zoom call with me and I will take you through what is included. I am in no doubt you will realise the potential of these programmes!