The Real and Feel cliché

This cliché saying, I must hear on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter your ability or your age, the feel vs real concept is the same for us all. If you don’t believe me, watch this 20-minute video from Taylormade (click on the link above).

To be precise, start to pay attention around 4 minutes in – you will hear Tiger Woods (arguably the best to ever play the game) say ‘feel and real aren’t the same’. If this is the case for him, you can be 100% sure it is for the rest of us!

Feel is personal to the individual, and as you are all aware you won’t here me telling you what to feel in lessons (much to the frustration of many of you).

For me this has always been the value of a feedback loop, your ‘feels’ will not be what’s actually happening in reality. So, if you just hit balls/shots with no feedback other than the ball flight (the outcome) how do you know your changing your habits/movement patterns?

Your online lesson videos are part of this feedback loop. The 3D systems I use in lessons are great for establishing what is real and what is YOUR feel to match to that.

Remember, feels can change from day to day, week to week, year to year but reference/checkpoints won’t.

So, don’t be freaked out when what you see is not what you feel – it is the same for the very best. Learn to accept this and you will make a huge step forward in learning new patterns.  

Finally, I would encourage you to watch this video a few times, there is so much gold in there for you to learn from … drop me a message and let me know what else you pick out.