Patient practice

Last time I wrote I signed off with the final thought of having valuable feedback in your practice. The type of feedback can vary depending on your objective and type of practice.

Recently Luke Donald posted the above image to his social media accounts and there is plenty for golfers to take away and learn from (regardless of skill level).

He referenced practice, acknowledging that bad habits creep in, that it takes time and deliberate practice to change. He further refers to the ‘feel vs real’ challenge we all face and provides a clear check point that he is referring to when practicing this element of his swing.

For me, he is working on his take away and aiming to the keep the club head a little more in front of his hands rather than allowing it to creep in behind (right image). He is using video feedback to help assess what is real as opposed to what he feels is correct.

So, what might be your take away messages?

  • Make sure your practice has a clear objective
  • Ensure you have valuable feedback to guide your progress rather than solely relying on feel
  • Be prepared to see it through, some changes require time and patience
  • If it takes the worlds best time to make lasting changes then cut yourself some slack and be realistic with yourself

A sobering thought – you can practice hard with the wrong information and not get anywhere!