Maximise the time in your swing

A few months back I posted the above image to my Instagram account and I received several questions regarding it.

The timings are from a sample of data using my Hackmotion 3D wrist sensor, which not only measures the movement of the lead wrist during the swing but also time intervals. (Lead wrist movement has a huge influence on clubface movement).

The aim behind the post was to raise awareness on how little time we have in the downswing, in fact I believe we have no time for thoughts in the downswing. Given that the AVERAGE human reaction time is 0.25 seconds, it literally leaves you no time. By the time you have had your thought the club has already contacted the ball!

So why is this important? With so little time in the downswing before impact, I believe a golfer should look to maximise the time in their backswing to assist the downswing and therefore impact.

As the backswing ends and the golfer transitions in to the downswing, the more elements under control the better the chance of moving through impact with freedom and confidence.

The more elements you are having to manage later in the downswing the harder it can be to be repeatable and maximise your speed – two common frustrations amongst golfers. To state it once again – there really isn’t any time.

There will always be exceptions to the above, but these golfers will no doubt be highly skilled or gifted athletes – which isn’t the majority of recreational golfers I’m afraid.

If you are interested to know more, please get in touch. This post is purely to provoke thought and not to go into explicit details.

PS – Notice that the scratch golfer and the tour golfer, share almost identical timings and tempo? I’m sure this came as no surprise.