Don’t fear failing in practice…

Quite often golfers avoid practice for fear of practicing bad habits. It is this same fear that stagnates their development. 

Without practice, how do you learn skills or develop skills? 

Making mistakes is part of learning and practicing. It helps build problem solving skills and allows golfers to understand their limitations at that current time. These two elements are vital on the course. 

It has been said that Jack Nicklaus would quite often rehearse the incorrect moves to establish a tangible difference between the undesirable and the desirable. We can all learn from the greats!  

So my message is get out there and make a start – The smallest of implementations is always worth more than the grandest of intentions. 

Final thought – Make sure you have a clear objective to a practice session, a sound structure and have valuable feedback to help guide development. 

Look out for my next blog which will elaborate on this further …