COVID-19 update

We are all currently facing some uncertain times that will have the potential to create fear and anxiety.

We have heard from the Prime Minister tonight that we must now stay home except in exceptional circumstances for the next few weeks at least.

I want to let you know that I will still be supporting all my clients to the best of my ability to helpfully bring some positivity in these times.

Firstly, I will not be offering ‘online coaching’ to new clients as I don’t believe in it and it’s already quickly becoming a bun fight for people’s money. (I will expand on these thoughts later).  

Secondly, I have been preparing for this eventuality since news first broke to best support my clients and have some great ideas.

I have long used online coaching platforms so the good news is, all my clients are already ‘online’ and communication will be as normal through your training spaces.

Feel free to upload any videos you wish me to look over, any questions you may have or anything golf related. Let’s face it, I’ll have a little more free time than normal.

There is plenty we can do together to help develop your game whilst you’re at home – not everyone has has the space available to hit balls or is in a position to. This is an opportunity to develop other areas of your game rather than just technique and one I’m keen to support you with.

If you’re on social media, keep an eye out for my Twitter & Instagram accounts as I will also be posting some helpful thoughts and ideas on there as well.

Finally, this time at home will allow me to finish off some projects I’ve been working on that I’m excited about.

So when we all go back to some form of normality, you can expect to see even more from me.

Please stay healthy, look after your families and I look forward to hearing from you.