Are you realistic or unrealistic?

What a year it has been, can you believe it was 2019 the last time we had the opportunity of a full year of golf and I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

It has been a year of success for so many of you with achieving (& surpassing) your goals and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing it. Of course there has been frustrations for just as many who didn’t achieve their goals for the year but reflect wisely and learn from it to avoid 2023 being as frustrating.  Try to be objective rather than subjective (more on this in an upcoming blog).

With it being winter time, it gives me time to share some thoughts from the past year and my blog is the easiest platform to do this with. And on that point, it is my intention to be regular with my thoughts/blogs through 2023 rather than just winter time – you are welcome to remind me of this!

The Open 2022, 17th Tee, Sunday at St.Andrews

When you look at the above image taken from the 17th tee on Sunday at St. Andrews in The Open this year, what stands out to you or what do you notice first…

For me, it is the variety of shots and the dispersion of such. This is THE BEST players that week of THE BEST players in the world in the final round of a major.

(I feel amateurs can forget this or not truly appreciate it and I don’t think TV coverage of golf helps. It is a highlight reel of the best shots of the best players that week, the coverage of golf is in the industry of entertainment. If you get the chance, attend a tour event and follow a group for the hole round, there will be so many take away points for you).

Were you aware that the PGA Tour average driver dispersion is in the region of 55-70 yards wide?

So cut yourself some slack when the odd drive goes wayward – it happens to the best. Maybe the under appreciated skill these players possess is the ability to move on from these wayward shots, leave them in the past and focus on the next shot. Tiger Woods was a master of this.

Look back at the image again and focus on the wider tee shots, do you think those players meant to hit it into the hotel on the right? Of course not! Unfortunately for them they hit a loose drive on the wrong side of that hole. We will always need some luck to succeed and that might just be you hitting a wayward tee shot on the right hole where it’s not as penalising.

So what is the take away from this …

  • Do you know your dispersions off the tee? (This has been a key pillar for those of you on my programs)
  • Are you practicing to improve such and if so, how do you measure your progress?
  • Have you thought of an on course lesson? These have been valuable to all who have done them in allowing them to understand more of this, evaluate their own game and discuss it naturally as it occurs on the course.

In the next blog, I will be carrying on with this thread as I have a few more thoughts to share with you on this topic  …